Strong Valentine’s Day card with some awesome badges and a patch from @elegantslimehands this morning. 
Let the Temple of Doom quotes commence…
#ValentinesDay #IndianaJones
The veggie stacker burger at The Globe was huge and came with fries. Pretty sure that sans cheese it’s vegan too. Passed on getting the fried slices of mac n cheese. They sound mental.
#food #burger #brighton #vegetarian
How do you like my new hat?Not pictured: pink jeans and jelly sandals.

HIGH TYDEAudio7 December 2013High Tyde headline Audio, Brighton following a successful UK tour playing to an excited throng of fans.Photo by Luke Kosta

Took some photos at my brothers show last night.

HOSECute photo of a kid and his dog I took walking around Lake Bled this summer. Go to Slovenia, it’s magical.Photo by Luke Kosta
Varg Minaj #nickiminaj #tshirt #blackmetal
“Have fun kids, I’ll just be here listening to my tunes.”
Selling my copy of the Rolo Tomassi credit card CD over on eBay.Limited to a 100 (according to Wikipedia). I bought this around ‘06 when my band played a gig with them in Basingstoke. Bids start at 99p.I also have a very small shirt purchased from the same gig I’m willing to part with. Hit me up if that sounds like your thing.Check out the auction here:

“Your fingers or your tongue?”
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